Georber Nodal
Born in Matanzas, Cuba on July 2, 1976. At the age 9 he took his first steps towards music, getting involved with different bands playing guitar and percussion. He began his musical studies in the Vocational School of the Arts in Matanzas, specializing in trumpet. Four years later, he decided to further his musical studies and successfully completed the entrance requirements at the famed National School of Art in Havana, where he extended his skills. Georber graduated in 1995 with the a degree in Trumpet Performance. As a professional, he had the opportunity to perform with some of the greatest orchestras in Matanzas and also participated in several live performance showcases for the tourist industry in Varadero Beach. In 2000 he moved to Miami, Florida where he performed with many local tropical bands and had the great experience of sharing the stage with the late Celia Cruz and Mickey Taveras. Georber also performed on popular television programs based in Miami, such as “Sabado Gigante”, on the Univision Television Network, “Escandalo del Mediodia”, “De Mañanita”, and others. He has worked for such famous artists as Luis Enrique, Jaci Velazquez, Gisselle, Elvis Crespo, Gilberto Santa Rosa and many more. In 2002, he moved to Dallas and started playing with different bands until June of 2004 he became a member of Havana NRG!


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