Ramon Rodriguez
Born August 31, 1962 in San Miguel del Padron, Havana, Cuba. At the age of eleven, Ramón began his lifelong passion for music while playing at different amateur bands. In 1978 he began studying percussion at the National School of Art Instructors, in Havana. He graduated as Instructor of Arts in 1982, and that very year he began his professional career doing presentations in Cabaret Caribe in Havana, as a bass player with the orchestra Cubanacán. They accompanied known stars, such as Elena Burke, Juana Bacallao, Moraima Secada, and Rolo Martinez. In 1991 he started as bass player and later as musical director to the band of Mirtha Medina. They toured through some cities in Mexico, until 1993 when they came to the United States. In Miami, he participated in different recording productions such as: “Yo soy solo, solo, solo Amor”, collaborated by Roberto Torres, “Chico Chévere”, by Albita Rodriguez, and “Contra-danza”, by Trio Habanero. Also, in 1994 as musical arranger of the demo recording production from which RMM record label signed the artist Guianko. In 2000, he moved to Dallas and continued working as bass player and percussion instructor. He became a founding member of Havana NRG! in 2002.